Do you know what to do after you host a Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube Live event? It’s certainly the digital equivalent of speaking in person at an event so is there even a protocol in place for such a thing? Think of it this way – are you in an elite enough position to not maximize on any potential leads? If not – read on because we’ve got 19 tips for what to do to maximize on any digital Live event!

1 – Depending on how many people tuned in to your Live stream, send a little thank you! If you promoted ahead of time you should have a sense of who attended and was interested.

2 – Follow up with a clear call to action for what they can do next like join you email list, follow you on Facebook, sign up for next event, etc.

3 – Share your recording of the Live video on all platforms – take clips for shorter, more engaging Instagram Videos. Maximize the use of this content!

4 – Send a link of the recording to your email list.

5- Host your Live video link on your blog to create lasting SEO.

6 – Encourage people to get on a “first to know” list to be informed of your next event.

7 – Post your recorded video to YouTube or Vimeo channel.

8 – Provide the video to your featured guests and partners and ask them to share the video to their followings.

9 – Follow conference or topical hashtags and be sure to tag these when post snippets on social after the event.

10 – Set up Twitter Lists and post your video to this targeted list.

11 – Distribute it to relevant relevant Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn groups.

12 – Change the title and post it multiple times on social.

13 – Post it to industry sites like Social Media Today, Medium, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Technorati and many more to help spread it further.

14 – Add a link to the blog post hosting your video in your email signature!

15 – Submit it to guest blogs.

16 – Comment on relevant blogs in your industry and link back to your video.

17 – Submit it to a blogging community you belong to.

18 – Submit it to syndication sites like wild fire! Here are a few: BlogCatalog, AllTop, OutBrain, Triberr, and SO many more!  

19 – Tweak and repeat efforts in 30 days if you think you’ve still got some great, relevant content.  

Don’t let great content go to waste! Be sure to view your Live events as just another piece of content you can polish and repurpose in various ways on multiple platforms to maximize on the momentum. Live is a powerful feature that is only becoming more readily available!

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