Boasting 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the network to promote your brand and connect with your target audience. You see, many consumers are leveraging this platform to engage with their favorite brands and discover new ones. In fact, one-third of millenials actually prefer to communicate with brands via social. So it’s important to maintain an active presence to appeal to today’s consumer.

Yet with so many brands competing for attention on the newsfeeds, how can you separate your brand from the sea of content being shared daily? In what ways can you better promote your business on Facebook to foster engagement, expand your reach, and gain new followers?

Here are 3 tactics to getting the job done:

#1 Host Facebook Contests

Social media contests work well in creating buzz and increasing brand awareness. It gets existing followers more involved in your content while attracting new followers. The big advantage you have is it doesn’t require a lot of planning or time to execute a campaign. You can host one as early as tomorrow and start boosting engagement on your Facebook page.

Additionally, winners have an opportunity to experience more of your brand through your free giveaway, whether it’s a product or service.

An easy Facebook contest is the “Like My Post to Win Contest”. Simply ask participants to like your post and follow you to enter. Encourage participants to share the post to get their networks in on the fun. Don’t forget to email your list for more responsiveness.

To drive new followers, include popular keywords in your post that your audience is actively searching for.

#2 Focus on Quality-Rich Content

Value-rich content always wins. It’s the cornerstone of your inbound marketing strategy and will take you far wherever you market. One way is by sharing your blog content on Facebook. You’ll feed your audience with amazing value while revealing your expertise in the industry.

When followers are interested in your content, they are more likely to share it with their like-minded networks. Use Facebook as your platform to solve problems, inform, educate and inspire your followers with rich content.

Another way to share remarkable content is through social content curation. By gathering, organizing and sharing the best sources in your niche, you’ll never run out of content to share with your followers. People will also look to you as a valuable resource, building up your own credibility. Leverage this content strategy to your advantage.

#3 Facebook Retargeting

Did you know approximately 96% of visitors coming to your website are not ready to buy? The solution: retargeting. This paid strategy allows your content to “follow” your recent visitors everywhere they go online to serve as a reminder of their latest website visit. The more people see your brand, the more likely they’re to engage with your content.

Facebook retargeting gets new eyeballs to your landing pages and builds your followers. It’s simple to implement by creating custom audiences and should be an ongoing strategy in your social media marketing.


Amplifying your Facebook strategy is vital for your social media marketing. As the #1 social network, it’s important that your marketing is effective in reaching your intended audience for success. Including these tactics will help to expand your reach, boost engagement and grow your followers.

Much success.