Back in April Facebook announced the adoption of chatbots to their platform. Even though the hype is up on the topic, we’re still a bit away from chatbots reaching their full potential. However, becoming an early adopter can keep your business ahead of the trend and toward even more success! We believe that chatbots are, in fact, worth the hype. While it may take time for them to incorporate fully into our everyday lives, we gather that society is headed in that direction. Get a head start and ride the initial wave of success.

“Aren’t They ‘Too New?'”

Some business owners are hesitant to become early adopters, even with the most apparent rising trends. There are a variety of reasons for this. One of the most common is the attempt to avoid the initial kinks of the first release. While this once made a difference in decision-making, it doesn’t hold water with digital options such as chatbots. Due to being digital, they are continually being updated and adjusted to work more efficiently over time. (Some of them even learn based on your habits and style.)

“It’s Too Early For Its Time…”

Another excuse used is that the technology is too early for its time. This has been true on several occasions throughout history and is undoubtedly happening in the digital age also. However, as technology is being created at a faster pace, so is our ability to adapt and integrate these new products. So even if it is shortly ahead of its time, we’re catching up faster and faster each year. So it is still worth the investment of early adoption.

“I’m Not Sure It’s Usable In My Industry”

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, chatbots can absolutely assist you in your business needs. There are chatbots with uses in every industry you could imagine, including a variety that you can customize for your chosen company needs. Here are two of our favorites chatbots of all time.

  • Health Tap – This incredible application brings instant medical information straight to your fingertips. You can ask it questions and get answers in real-time, as well as access to similar questions and their answers. They even boast of 108,000 top doctors available immediately to help you live a healthier, happier, and longer life. Their chatbot is now available on Facebook too! This is one of the best examples in the medical industry, it highlights the possibilities of what a chatbot can offer patients.
  • 1800-Got-Flowers – Yes, you read that correctly! In fact, 1800-Got-Flowers was actually one of the first bots featured on Facebook messenger. While it is simple and only offers customers two options, it is beyond efficient in its functionality. You can order flowers or talk to support, that’s it. The simplicity of it is perfect!

These chatbots are both great examples of how businesses can benefit from this incredible technology. They are more than a novelty item to make your business appear high-tech, their entire purpose is to enhance the customer experience that your company offers. You can literally create a question answering machine, or a one (maybe two) click ordering system! It just depends on the purpose of your chatbot and the kind of service you offer your customers. For more information on chatbots and the advantages they provide early-adopting companies, don’t hesitate to contact us today.