Usually, to get help with a problem, you have to formulate a question. Here, you can just Tell the Lady What You Want.

“Tell the Lady What You Want” gives marketers a break from tedious been-there/done-that podcasts by sleuthing out unanswered questions and giving practical advice in areas bogged down with cliches. You can even join in on the fun! 😎 

Our podcast is entertaining and insightful from the get-go. We get to hear the guest’s “Tales of Whoa” where they spill their guts about lessons learned. 

To close each episode, both Katrina and her guest turn our attention to the listeners for “Dear, Katrina”. That’s where you come in! 

Whether you’re a big fan of the show or just a big fan of making money with a successful agency, we want to hear your questions! If you have yet to focus your problem into a boiled-down question, that’s OK, too! 


Go on… Tell the Lady What You Want to know:

Where do I start building a…?
How can we recover from…?
What’s the best tool for…?

Tell the Lady What You Want gets better and better the more REAL questions we get from people at REAL agencies. 

If Dear, Katrina uses your question, you get direct answers drawn from the experience of TWO great minds, award-winning agency owner Katrina Padron and her hand-picked guest du jour!