Building an Audience Online

How to Start building your audience

Begin by building an opt-in offer. This will help you to begin building an audience online. Do a keyword analysis (Google has a great one), and find out just what your target audience is searching for. Then, create an ad campaign and content around those keywords and phrases that direct people to a landing page where they can obtain your offer. This builds your email list for marketing and helps you build a “look-a-like” audience that is similar to your main target audience, loves your brand, but is slightly different in a few ways. Your tracking will show you how they are different so that you can target their demographic on future campaigns if you wish.

Build Partnerships that help to build your audience

Partnerships are also effective. Target people through online searches, LinkedIn and your own personal connections and attempt to create a partnership where you will agree to share content and link to each other occasionally in your social media campaigns. Make sure you stay in touch with your partners on a regular basis and offer reciprocity. You don’t want to come across as solely self-promotional, but rather build a mutually beneficial relationship.

Tech Tools that help to build audiences.

Using tools like BuzzSumo can help you grow your list extremely quickly. The tool offers different variations of pop-ups for offers and sign-ups, but it also allows you to do a targeted keyword search and gather information about how to get more shares and get noticed. Then, you can use that information to craft an expert article or blog that has a great chance of being unique and getting picked up by a major online publication.

Positioning Yourself as an Expert will help to Grow your Audience

The best ways to position yourself as an expert are to consistently post relevant content and show images of yourself actually being an expert. Think book signings, speaking, being interviewed, being on set, etc. Not only will your articles contain keyword rich content related directly back to you, but it offers you a chance to share a bit of yourself with others, establishing credibility. Photos and videos of yourself in an established expert position allow others to make a mental memory of you as someone to listen to.

Best Practices for Audience Growth

It’s always best to share your point of view rather than blindly “re-tweeting” (‘RT”) everything you come across. The person who posted the tweet would rather engage in a conversation with you and they are more likely to become a strategic partner or client if you show that you read what they wrote and would like to communicate with you. It’s also a good idea to connect with influencers who have the same target market so that you can tap into the same community of potential prospects. And, the golden rule, be consistent. It’s a great impression to others and establishes trust from the get-go.