Burn The Bullsh*t

When accomplished business owners begin to wonder, “what else? what’s next?” — they call New York-based reinvention strategist, Carolyn Herfurth.

Having played a hand in hundreds of reinventions (both big and small) with service-based entrepreneurs, Carolyn is that needle-in-a-haystack thought partner who insists that “nobody puts Baby in a corner.” This thought process is for when it comes to living up to your greatest vision. So she swoops in (minus Swayze’s abs) to get your ass on the dance floor where you belong — by linking your universe of past experiences with a custom strategy to create more meaning and more money.

Alongside her work with a handful of private strategy clients, Carolyn has a blast hosting her Burn The Bullsh*t podcast to talk about the messy bits we face as business owners. And to quench her party-throwing thirst, she loves hosting live retreats for small groups. These groups consist of select, handpicked women to breathe new perspective, energy, and life into their businesses.

Listen to Season One of Burn The Bullsh*t : Fire Up Your Business at burnthebullshitpodcast.com


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