Look what I pulled out of the side of my car door! 📇

These are my business cards. I ordered them from moo.com probably three years ago before the pandemic.

I was using them a lot, and look how cute they are! They are cassettes, and they all look like mixed tapes, and what’s really cool is they’re all just a little bit different. 📼🎹

I handed these out for a long time and I felt like I really stood out. You can write a name of a song up here like “Under Pressure”, “Help”, and “She Works Hard For Her Money”. I thought it was really cool and it reminds me of my bedroom growing up and having a boombox. 💃

But here’s the thing, since the pandemic I don’t think I’ve handed out a single one of these cards. Now, I just go to fewer networking events and I do more of my networking online. 🤷

What are your thoughts on business cards? Let me know on my recent LinkedIn post today.  ✅


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