Chatbots are all the rage and so few people actually know how to use them to their full capacity! Beyond just being the buzzword every business needs to have working for them, they are a powerful way to use API level data for earned media. When this data is pulled, you get a targeted list of people who are likely to interact with your brand, which can be used to make your ChatBot even more effective. To make this even more powerful, that list can then be uploaded into Google Contacts. From there this list can be recruited to “like” your Facebook Professional Profile and then they are able to be messaged through the chatbot via Facebook Messenger to begin a sophisticated funneling process. You can create specialized messaging, content, and images that will come through on the chatbot and guide them through your end goal, whether that’s a demo, a meeting, a sale, etc. You will need an engagement hook and messaging content (including images, videos, gifs and links if necessary) and ensure they stick with you through the process!

Chatbots can be used to accomplish a lot of different high-end business goals. Here are 9 strategies to boost your engagement with your chatbot to guide people through your funnels:


  • Share a Convo: Convos are interactive stories to share on Facebook, Twitter or in a newsletter to get people to interact with the bots.
  • Send Message to Followers: This is a push notification. Easily add an image, link, audio clip or share a convo.
  • Ask a Question: Take a poll, ask a question, multiple choice, free form text and ask for photos.
  • Create a Viral Waitlist: Ask followers to join the waitlist for a new product or announcement. The more friends they invite, the higher on the waitlist they go.
  • Claim an Offer: Create an offer within Facebook and allow for followers to redeem through a link in your messaging.
  • Get Traffic on Promotional Item: Share a link directing followers to a specific promotional product in Facebook Shop.
  • Invite to a Facebook Event, Live or Webinar: While creating the event page, select to invite these followers. Followers will see the event notice at least once. The event link can also be shared through the chatbot as well.
  • Send Messenger Ads: Messenger ads are available for the Traffic, Conversions, App Install, Reach, Messages, and Brand Awareness objectives.
  • Schedule a Demo: Share a Calendly link to book a demo or a discovery call with the sales team.


ChatBots are not only the new wave technology to boost your engagement, but a powerful tool to get you leads and build business relationships. Make sure you utilize them to their full potential. Don’t forget to play around with the different strategies and find out what works best for your business (much like all your other social media content).

For more info about how to use API level data to step up your ChatBots, or get started, visit our website for a free demo:


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