When presenting your business to new clients, the single most important quality you need to communicate is confidence. Your materials need to show prospective clients that your business has confidence in its ability to take on a project of the size and scope in question (big or small), as well as make the buyer feel confident that they will be spending their money with a stable company that has a history of success.  If your potential customer has any doubts about confidence on these levels they will likely never even pick up the phone or send an inquiry e-mail.  They will simply move on to a competitor whose materials project more confidence than yours do.

Since buyers don’t like having to hunt for information on a company, the question now is: how do you efficiently and effectively communicate confidence, stability, and success to a potential client in a way that’s easy for them to quickly digest?  The answer is a well-crafted capability statement.

What Is a Capability Statement?

A capability statement is a single page document that tells a customer everything they need to know about your business to make them feel confident enough to take the next step by contacting you.  All good capability statements must contain 5 key elements:

1. An offer

What exactly your business solution will do for the client.  Something tangible like, “Our light bulbs will reduce your power consumption by 30%”.

2. Direct Contact Information

Contact information for a real person, with a real name, and a real title.

3. Client Logos

Logos from current and previous clients.  This elevates your company’s image by associating it with other well-known businesses.  

4. Job Titles

Mention of key positions at client companies that you pitch to.  This will help get the right person’s attention even if they’re not the first in the prospect company to come across your capability statement.   

5. The Case Study

Incredibly important to communicate confidence. Potential clients want to know that your product or business solution has been successful for previous clients.  Nobody wants to feel like they will be a guinea pig for your business. A short, concise, and informative case study will go a long way to build confidence in the mind of the buyer.  It’s important to select the right case study that will resonate with prospects. Buyers want to see how your company may approach their business problem, and what the results your solutions have yielded been in the past.  Case studies should provide a quantitative, data-driven analysis of success, while at the same time leaving room for the buyer to infer flexibility in your company’s approach. This will show that your business can meet their unique needs with the same rate of success as demonstrated in the case study.

All 5 of these elements are important, but when it comes to projecting confidence nothing can compete with a solid case study.

We would love to help you supercharge your company’s capability statement, complete with a perfectly presented case study.  Choose your style today!

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