How can CORE content save you time and get your videos out to more people? 🤔

CORE stands for create once repeat everywhere, and I want to put the little disclaimer together that sometimes the content might be edited or spruced up but the concept is the same.

For the content that I record and put out for my audience, I actually search on Reddit. 🔍

The reason for that is I can find what questions people are really asking so I know what content to create that is valuable. I want to make sure that my content addresses real questions and is put in real language rather than just marketing jargon.

The content you create can be shared in email, you can put it in your blog, you can post on LinkedIn, etc. 💃

The point is one piece of content has a lot of life. 💰 Do you repeat content across multiple platforms? Share your tips for reusing content on this LinkedIn post.