In this day and age of big data, more and more companies are realizing the potential for harvesting their data for mounting a successful marketing initiative. Companies such as Macy’s, Tesco, American Express, Walmart, Uber, Facebook, and AirBnB are a few of the big names who have recognized the value of data. These companies often termed as big data case studies have found successful ways of leveraging big data for improving their performance and ultimately increasing their profit margin.

About 93% of the respondents from a recent Experian study said that some form of data is essential to their marketing success. Experian study also reported that 94% of companies use a third-party to append and enrich their data sets.There are several services features available in the market today that can facilitate data enrichment and help fill in the gaps. It all starts with a holistic and strong data driven marketing strategy.

Using the latest technology and platform intelligence we can transform your sales teams’ workflow or other relevant business data by appending and enriching with financial, ownership and social information such as company details, including addresses, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, and financial data such as recent performance and shareholder details. These data points can ultimately help you build a successful marketing campaign including guiding you on finalizing the ‘where’, ‘what’, and the ‘who’.

The data available from the market dynamics can equip companies to strengthen their brand, better serve existing clients, and identify new audiences ultimately leading to acceleration in their revenue growth.

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