I feel like I cracked the code on warming up cold relationships, especially when it comes to working to get yourself on a podcast. 🐣

Business leaders and thought leaders want to be on podcasts because it opens them up to a new audience, but they don’t always have a relationship with the host. 👋

So, this is the exact message that I send when I am looking to be on a podcast. 💰

I let them know that it’s my belief that there’s a gap in the conversation. I also tell them what my unique perspective is so that they can fill that gap by having me on the show to interview me. I let them know what ideas I’m bringing to the table in advance of them booking me. All of this information helps them a ton, it takes work off their plate, and they all really respond well to that.

Lastly, I tell them what my credentials are so that they know what potential collaboration opportunities this will bring them. 🤝 What are some of your methods of getting on podcasts? 🎙️ Join the conversation happening on this LinkedIn post.


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