Here’s how to get more done during your work day! ✔️

It’s called the Hot Potato method and it’s basically exactly what you think of playing hot potato as a kid. 🥔

The hot potato passes from your hands to the next person to the next. You try to do it as efficiently as possible, you try not to drop the potato, and you try to make sure the next person gets exactly what they need when they need it, so they don’t drop the potato. 🥔🥔🥔

Every single day at my agency there are probably more than 100 tasks that need to be completed that day. But rarely is there a task where one person starts it and runs it through all the way to completion. 🗒️

So let me give you an example of what this might look like at a marketing agency and then you can fit it into whatever you do for business. 🌟

So let’s take a basic email marketing campaign. Say we have a client that needs to send out an email in order to share the new features that their software has. 👈

This would start with a strategy person that will ask these questions:

✅what are the angles?

✅what are the benefits?

✅why would someone want to open this email once they open it?

✅what’s the value?

✅why do they care?

The strategist is the one coming up with that plan. 🤔

Then, that hot potato goes to the copywriter and the copywriter is using that strategy. ✍🏽

Once the copy is approved then that email goes to the designer. The designer mocks it up with brand standards and creates the graphics.  🖼️

After the design is approved, then it goes to an implementer or a CRM email marketing specialist. They upload the design and copy it into CRM and create the automation.

The implementer in this case is the final step in this hot potato and sends the email. 📨

What I have found in business, is that if each person in the process is doing exactly what they are good at, you’ll get better results. I like to have specialists for each step of the process who are really adept in exactly what their field is. 🎉

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