When I started my business 11 years ago I thought it would be a straight path. 🛣️

I’d found the thing I loved and everything would be plain sailing, right? ⛵

It’s not always that easy. In fact, sometimes you have to fall to get to success. 🌊

Early on, I had a lot of different strategies that worked, but I’m not going to lie, some failed. With that said, I have learned a lot since my business first started. 📗

I shared something on a Podcast earlier today and I thought I would share it with you too. 🎙️

We were talking about the early days of business and the host asked me what one marketing or branding thing I did early on that helped me get business.  🤔

Since I have been in business for so many years now, I forgot that I used a strategy back then called the drafting technique.  ☝️

Basically, you make a list of your competitors and you just follow them online so that you see what they’re doing. 🔍

Back then, it seemed like all of my competitors were getting these guest writing spots on really large blogs. I’d reach out to that blog, tell them it was a great article and ask them if I could submit one too.

One of the 1st times I did this I generated 2,000 new clients. 🤯

What was one of your go-to strategies when you first started out? Let us know the deets by joining the conversation on LinkedIn.


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