You know just another thing in business they tell you you have to do but you don’t have to do it.  🙅 ♀️

Setting goals. 🥅

They say if you want to make a certain revenue amount you have to set the goal and then you reverse engineer what you are going to do to meet that goal.

I can tell you that every time you set a goal and you meet it that goal, that goal is just going to move further out. You’re going to be told to move that bar to the next level. 😟

What I found in running this business for this many years is that every time that bar moved to the next level I got incredibly burned out. It didn’t feel good to me. I felt like I couldn’t have boundaries. I felt like I had to work all day, all night, and all weekend, just to get to that next level that someone told me I needed to be at. 😫

When I took away the goals, I got really happy in my business. 😺

Now I can show up and be me. 🙋 ♀️

What’s something you were coached to do but went in another direction?

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