Chatbots, affectionately called bots, are the sleepless and restless programs that inform you of your purchase through SMS or perform customer service functions via instant messaging like Facebook Messenger. Bots are a big deal. You may have received assistance through a bot. If you live in the UK, then you may have booked a ticket through a bot. If you have used Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Google Allo, or Kik, you are likely to have encountered one. Unquestionably, bots are the real deal; you better believe it.

There is no ambiguity in stating that more traditional methods of marketing will be enhanced, if not supplemented by chatbots. Currently, the importance of social media marketing cannot be overemphasized. In fact, it may be rapidly approaching critical mass in a massively critical way, exploding across all marketing segments. Chatbots, increasingly utilized by marketers and advertising agencies, promise to magnify and maximize the success of online marketing. They are the future of advertising, business, and commerce.

In our global economy rife with technological innovation and development, chatbots have already proven to be invaluable to companies throughout the world. Thanks to the advents of programming and automated services, the human-power needed for customer service is greatly reduced. What an advantage for small business and entrepreneurs as well! In this age of information coupled with a universal desire for immediate gratification, a chatbot on the other end of a Facebook Messenger session gives every customer rapid, easy access to help, streamlines and expedites the exchange. Bots appeal to the consumer psychology for urgency, expanding 24/7 accessibility, convenience, reliability, and consistency. The present mass markets with the means to improvise and revolutionize how we conduct business.

The capabilities of voice recognition, significant for the evolution of the Chatbot, have improved as technology and media evolve. Predictability may be a precious element, but change is inevitable. Bots manage change with flexibility.

Utilizing the most sophisticated technology available, they are able to reach a wildly diverse base of customers. According to Business Insider, “45% of end users prefer chatbots” over human interactions. And social networks pave the way to implementing bots.

Chatbots are versatile. They complement and support diversity by reaching across all sociocultural, psycho-graphic segments of the population. Statistically, bots already provide an undeniable asset to companies in the long haul with their tenacity and versatility. Because business relies on these qualities to survive socioeconomic change, to grow and thrive over time, you can bet on bots to be in your business and to behave in your best interest by adapting to change.

In fact, Chatbots can be deployed on virtually every platform given the advancements of voice recognition. Take Siri and the Google Assistant for example. These achievements in bot-voice will continue with a built-in capacity to change as technology changes. Add new features, improve, upgrade and forget your fear of obsolescence in fast-paced competition. Chatbots will be creatively equipped to handle your exciting future in whatever services or industries they may be employed. They work for you. These programs, these business-friendly bots, are what local and global companies have been waiting for to radically cut operational costs while simultaneously increasing productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. They labor to maximize profit for your company. Bots can revolutionize every aspect of business, you better believe it.

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