How do you fight zero-click behavior? 🤔

Here’s the thing. Google wants users to stay on their search engine. Social platforms want users to stay on their social platforms. They don’t want them to click off. 🛑

Google and social platforms basically prioritize content that’s native to their platform. That way, people aren’t clicking and leaving. 👈

So, as a business owner, how do you fight this? ⚔️

It’s one of those like if you can’t beat them, just join them sort of things. 👐

Zero-click content is basically content that offers valuable, standalone insights. The key is there’s no need to click.

You see, clicking is addictive. We all like to do it, but with zero-click content, you don’t have to. The user gets to stay right on the platform. 🤗

The platform then ranks your content higher than other content that moves people off the platform. And really, you can apply this to all parts of your marketing. 🔥

Do you use zero-click content? 👇

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