Have you ever searched “how does Amazon seller work?” Keep reading if so.

I promised I would be transparent with this KDP challenge I am doing for making low content like journals and notebooks and then putting it on Amazon for sale. 🫶

So here’s the math formula you need to know so that you can calculate how much you’re going to make per notebook or journal to know if this makes sense for you. ☝🏻

And here it is. They do have it pretty well laid out. Basically, it’s royalty rate times the list price, and then you subtract out the cost, and then what’s remaining is what you get. 💸

The way I have this figured is that if I sell a book for $9.99, the print cost is $4.52, and this is for a 110-page 8×10 notebook, the royalty rate is 60%, which then calculates out to $1.47 that I make from each notebook.

More to come! ⏱️

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