Keeping clients happy and keeping clients for the long term doesn’t have to be such an uphill road. 🥵

When I look at businesses and I look at what it would mean for that business if that client did just a little bit more work with them, their business would change substantially.

So when I am looking at businesses and looking at business strategy, I’m looking at how to keep a client and how to grow in scope with that particular client rather than always going out looking for new clients every single day. 🤔

It’s kind of the difference between hunting and farming, right? 🐄🦃

So, if you want to keep clients for the long term, I have six ideas that come to mind that make a real difference in the relationship from the get-go. 🤯

Here are the first two:

🌟I have an onboarding process that gets the client up to speed quickly and without a huge heavy lift on their part.
🌟Make sure that you have the project scope by line item so you know exactly what you’re going to do for the client and the client knows what’s going to be done as well.

Stay tuned for more ideas on how to make a difference in your business relationships… ☝️

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