When it comes to business time is your most precious commodity. Follow these three easy steps to declutter your workday and free up valuable time so you can focus on core marketing projects and strategies.

1. Batch Your Tasks

Batch similar tasks together for increased productivity. Investigate your daily work habits and try to follow these tips:

  • Check Your Email 3 Times A Day. Being tied to your inbox interrupts creative juices. It seems insignificant to check new alerts, but in reality you’re interrupting productivity. A study by Microsoft indicated that about 20-25 minutes of project time was lost whenever their employees switched over to check a new email or instant message.
  • Group Similar Projects Together. Block out a specific time to focus on similar tasks, such as pricing strategies. If you have three new upcoming product promotions work on those pricing strategies in the same time frame for maximum efficiency.
  • Hold One Production Meeting. If possible, cover multiple topics and projects in your team production meetings instead of spreading smaller meetings throughout the day or week.

2. Automation

Automated processes increase workflow. Thanks to the digital era it’s easier than ever to automate tasks and focus manpower on more appropriate projects. If you haven’t already, consider automating:

  • Marketing Funnels. Once set up, automated sales-funnels convert leads without extra effort on your part.
  • Data Transfers. Moving company data from program to program is a slow manual process, but quick and virtually error-free through automation.
  • Auto-Responder Emails. Reply to customer purchases or send billing and shipping information easily with email automation.
  • Inventory Management. Track inventory with software and save hours of hassle and frustration.
  • Training. Create videos and manuals for new employees instead of using valuable manpower.

3. Outsource

Delegate tasks to others and save time. A marketing division should at least consider outsourcing:

  • Social Media Marketing. There’s no denying the power of social media. Connecting with your target audience is more important than ever, however it requires a lot of time and energy to produce thoughtful, authentic content. Choose a partner to express your brand via social platforms and you’ll be rewarded with extra time.
  • Email Campaigns. Whether you have a new product, service, limited time offer, or other message sending out email campaigns is the perfect marketing technique to boost responses. Let an expert with market tested strategies head your campaign so you can free up your schedule.

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