The gold is in the follow-ups! 💛

Meaning many business deals are left on the table just because the provider or the vendor didn’t follow up with the prospect. 😔

Many times that happens because of self-sabotage. 👈

The vendor or provider thinks that the person isn’t interested. 🙅 ♂️

I know how easy it is to get in our heads about that, but the truth is many times, they just have a lot on their plate, and they haven’t gotten to it yet. ⏱️

And if they don’t get to it soon, it very well could just slip through the cracks, and they’ll forget about it. 👋

So, this is just my friendly reminder to you. Don’t give up by not following up.  💪

You can even say this in a quick email: “Hey, I sent you that awesome deal last week. I am just following up to see if you’d like to pursue it any further. What do you think?” 🔥

That’s it!

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