How to increase sales fast is something that we have all wondered about in business.

I know that business owners are really stressed right now about where leads in sales are going to be coming from in the new year. 😞

So, here’s my best suggestion for where you can invest. ☝🏽

A delay in response to a lead by hours or even days will basically ensure that that lead drops out of your sales cycle. 🤯

The best way to keep that lead in the sales cycle is to invest in technology.  🖥️

Think of it this way…

A lead is on your website, and they fill out a form. 🖊️

Three seconds later, the lead decides if they want to talk now or later. 🤔

One second later, they decide they want their problem solved now. 💭

A few seconds later, the lead is assigned to a rep, and the lead receives a call. 🤔

That’s the framework for how this is supposed to work, and this is going to help make sure that leads don’t fall through the crack just because there was a delay. 👏

And a lot of companies have complicated processes that are just too much. 🙅 ♀️

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