❤️ Vulnerability alert ❤️

I might seem like I have ALL my ducks in a row, but you know what sometimes it’s like I’ve got squirrels and they are at a rave!  🦆🦆🐿️

I really struggle with putting myself out there and don’t talk about it often, but I want you to know the real me, not the glossy, curated version of me! 🥺

As you have all figured out by now, I love using videos in my marketing.

Did you know that when I first started making videos, I was terrified? 😨

So, then, of course, I thought it would be a great idea to start on TikTok, which was a whole new learning curve for my introverted self.

My best tip for starting to do videos on TikTok is to sit in your car to record your videos.

What I found is the car gives me the privacy and space I need, and it also gives that contained feeling of like OK I’m sitting here and this is what I’m doing now and I know I can always delete it if I don’t like it. 🌟

But there was something about just being locked in the car that helped me get my first half dozen videos one day and gave me the confidence to keep going.

How did you get over being nervous about putting yourself in your video marketing? Take a breath, be brave, and join the conversation on LinkedIn.


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