In one of my recent podcast episodes, we discussed why you should be using LinkedIn polls.🧐

LinkedIn polls have been really great, and basically, it’s exactly what you would think a poll is, which is where you ask the question and then you give a multiple-choice group of answers that people can select.

The other really great thing about polls is that LinkedIn will actually show you who responds to what answer,  so you can follow up with those individuals. 🔥

Maybe your question is “are you burned out on networking events that don’t work?”  Create a fun response and then you can contact the people who answered. 💫

You can say, “Here’s what I do that is really different, and here is why.” 🤙🏻

It’s a great way to get engagement and boost awareness. 🎈

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How do you use polls to generate leads? Let us know your strategy in the conversation on this post.



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