Who here likes automated messages? 🙅

I think we can all agree that we all just want real people in business anymore.

With that said, there is still room for automation, where appropriate. 🤖

For a while, people were using automated messages to DM people. That doesn’t work! 🛑

If you DM people, I would suggest you look for collaboration opportunities.  In my messages, I often say “Hey, I have mentored at X event in your area and have connections there if you’re looking to get in. I do this because that gives me credibility. 👋

Not only does that get that conversation going but you’ll also get a higher response rate on those DMs because you are providing value.  👍🏻

One thing that is automated that I would suggest is LinkedIn newsletters. They are favored heavily in the platform algorithm and so they get noticed more than standard posts.

And I will tell you that I recently launch newsletters on LinkedIn and I have over 2,000 subscribers so far. 🎉

What do you still like to automate and what stays strictly personal? 🤔 Join the conversation on LinkedIn and let us know what you think.


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