Lunch Club is a tool that many people may not know about when it comes to networking.

Hey, just popping in here to share what I’m doing today to get out of my comfort zone. 👋

And that is why I am using a site called Lunch Club. 🍴

I don’t know if you’ve heard of lunch club, but it’s something that started getting popular during the pandemic when people weren’t doing as many meet-ups for coffee and things like that. 🍴

And then, I fell off and took a break.

Anyway, you sign up, and there is AI that matches you with someone in your area looking to network.  🤝🏻

Then, they give you a Zoom link and a meeting time to join that person. But it’s kind of cool because everyone involved has identified in some way that they want to meet with the other person. 😊

So, it’s low-stakes networking because there’s already acceptance on both ends, and I’m not going up to some stranger asking to get to know them. 🫶

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