Most business owners are concerned with how they are going to market their business. After all, a business can’t succeed without effective marketing. In 2017, marketing online has become one of the greatest options for businesses. In fact, social media platforms are now tailoring their features to suit the needs of business owners. In particular, Instagram has become home to many thriving businesses, and for good reason. Instagram is arguably one of the greatest platforms for engagement, as it is a visual-based platform. Not forgetting to mention, Instagram has over 600 million views a month. For this reason, it is integral that businesses establish themselves on Instagram and make their mark. Here are 4 ways business can improve their Instagram game:

Establish Your Brand

Most businesses want to attract new clients. Before doing so, you need a focus. What is unique about your business that makes you stand out from everyone else? Answering this question will help you tailor how you want your content to be displayed on social media. The internet is a very fast-paced environment and businesses have to be assertive about who they are, or else they will easily fade into the background. Here’s how to establish your brand:

  1. Know Your Brand: First, be specific about who you are. If you are a consultant, you could specialize in business strategies or operational analysis. Determining who you want to be is a crucial first step to establishing your brand.
  2. Use Your Bio: This is the area where you emphasize your brand. Often times, the bio is the first place new visitors look to see what you are about. Anyone that comes to your Instagram page should have a general idea of who you are. Doing this will better help your audience connect to your brand.
  3. Network: Social media is all about connections, and a large part in establishing your brand is networking with the right people. Find other Instagram users who are in similar fields as you and follow them. This will pay off in the long run because you open the door for collaborations that will essentially expand your audience.


Posting content consistently will definitely help businesses improve their Instagram game. So much content is shared on Instagram daily and not posting often will make your followers lose interest rather quickly. With that being said, find the best time in your schedule to post content and stick to it. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Plan Your Content: Sometimes it’s hard for business owners to manage their business and their social media, so it’s best to plan your content for a week or two to save on time.
  2. Find Days That Work: Find days that work for you to post. If your schedule is busy on Monday, this may not be the best day to post your content because you are more likely to post inconsistently due to your schedule. Find days where your work load is not as hefty and stick to it.
  3. Utilize Apps: There are numerous apps like Later that allow you to schedule your Instagram posts for a specific time. These apps are all about helping social media be more convenient for business owners.

Get Involved

Instagram is a social-media platform, which means that being social is the key to success. If you want to improve your Instagram game, know that posting engaging content is half the battle. You have to engage with other users as well. Essentially, the more you connect with others, the greater the chance of other’s visiting your page and giving you a follow. Here’s how you get more involved:

  1. Respond: Every business owner should respond to comments on Instagram. This displays great customer service and can create lasting relationships with your audience.
  2. Comment: Don’t just wait for people to like or comment your pictures, take some time out of your day to find people who interest you and comment on their pictures. More often than not, they will look at your page and follow you.
  3. Engaging Content: Post content to your Instagram page that will encourage your audience to engage with you. For instance, doing a short Q&A video.

Utilize the right hashtags

Too often, businesses are not satisfied with their results on social media because they are using irrelevant hashtags. Usually, hashtags are too vague, resulting in poor traffic. Be sure that your hashtags are specific to what you do and not too general. This will ensure that you are reaching your target audience. Here’s one crucial tip that works to choosing the right hashtag.

  1. Research: There are so many hashtags that are being created every day. Taking some time to research is really important. Create 5 specific hashtags that you feel pertain to your business. Then, begin to search them in Instagram to see how much traffic it gets, who uses them, and what audience these hashtags attract.

Instagram is a growing platform that is becoming the number one choice for businesses. Their various features have made it more convenient for businesses to market to their target audience, see growth, and expand their business on a global scale.