Using the right hashtags can boost your business. But using the wrong ones can damage it. Before you make your next social media post, find out how you can find the best hashtags for your social media posts.

1. Follow your influencers

Be diligent about following your influencers on their social media accounts. When you look at their Instagram, pay attention to their hashtags. Look for posts that received high numbers of likes, and make a list of those hashtags.

You won’t want to use every hashtag on their posts. Instead, pick a few that seem relevant to your brand. Or choose a few that he influencer uses regularly. Chances are, those are the hashtags that people notice.

2. Find trending hashtags in your industry

Trending tags are great for marketing, but they need to be relevant to your industry. To find trending tags, use a website like

The site lets you type in a keyword to find the most popular hashtags associated with it. You can incorporate those into your social media posts for more exposure.

3. Brainstorm

Although there are plenty of great tools out there for finding trending hashtags, you may be overlooking the best one – your knowledge. Write out a list of hashtags that you think are relevant to your brand. Then, you can plug them into a website like to find out how popular they are. You may be surprised to learn that some of your suggestions are already trending. Choose the most popular ones, and start using them.

As long as you make use of trending hashtags and don’t overdo it, you can find newfound success. Your social media posts can reach a record audience. Combine your reach with these other marketing tips, and watch your brand awareness climb.

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