How are your sales going this year?

Are they going the way you want them?

Well, chances are you could be leaving sales on the table.

How, you may be asking? Simple, you’re not implementing a capability statement. Or you’re not using one properly to garner the most attention.

Skedaddle on over here with me and I’ll show you how you can gain more attention and sales at the same time.

Make your Capability Statement Engaging

The first mistake you might be making is not even having a capability statement to begin with. The second: making it boring.


Even when companies use these kinds of documents, many are not using it the right way. At the bare minimum, they’ll have some contact information, the history of the company, the company’s logo, and an overview. That’s a respectable start, but there’s one problem.


It’s not unique.


Imagine a hiring manager at a Fortune 500 company getting inundated with hundreds of resumes that look the same as all the others. That’s how these read. You wouldn’t want a document – that’s meant to create interest – to be passed over because nothing stands out.


Here’s how you can ensure your company’s capability statement stands out in today’s marketplace:


  1.   Use a Compelling Offer

Remember, you want people to read that capability statement and feel engaged. People will engage with what they trust. If they don’t what you can do for them and how working with you will benefit them, they won’t do business with you. Make them a claim – with facts and figures – that you can back up.


  1. Try Out a Case Study

A case study is a direct example of how another company has benefited from doing business with you. Think of it as a long testimonial. Showing how your services helped another business does wonders for the trust factor.


  1. Use Your Client’s Logos

Show off who you helped with your services by including their logo. When people can see how others have gone to you to boost their business, you will be more of an authority figure to them.


  1. Have a List of Job Titles You Work With

There are more ins and outs to a large corporation than some realize. With multiple different departments, a Supplier Diversity Professional can have trouble matching you up to who to talk to. If you include a list of job titles you work with it will make it a smoother process for both them and you.


  1. Use Your Own Contact Information

After all, you want to be the one getting these calls.


Having an engaging capability statement is what will set you apart from other companies in your market.

Write yourself a capability statement, make it enthralling to the people you want reading it, and make sure no sales are left on the table. The future of your business depends on it.


Rather a professional to do it for you? We can help.

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