Most business owners seem to struggle with getting B2B leads. 😩

They feel like, hey, if I just had some sort of lead machine that brought leads to me, I could close them and I could grow this thing.

LinkedIn has long been one of my favorite tools for lead generation. 👍🏽

So much so, that I almost got fired for using LinkedIn back in the early days when most companies and most bosses didn’t know what it was or how to use it to grow business and they thought I was just wasting time.

The other thing is that when platforms like LinkedIn are promoting a new feature they use algorithms to make it really amazing, so we as users start using that feature.

The newest feature that I really like for getting attention from decision-makers is their LinkedIn newsletter, and they’re promoting this thing like crazy. 📰

✨ I’ll show you how… ✨

In just the last couple of weeks that I’ve been doing this, I already have over 2,000 subscribers on LinkedIn and nothing else gets me in front of my prospects like this does.

🤯 Are you using LinkedIn newsletters to get B2B leads? Join the conversation on LinkedIn and let us know you’re experience.


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