Katrina Padron
CEO & Client Advocate

Specialty: Katrina has a gift for seeing the forest from the trees. She strategically designs solution to get clients from where they are to where they want to be.

Successes: Enable a proprietary technology called Named Target Marketing. Named Target Marketing gets your video message in front of high level decision makers each time they go online. Discover more here!

Zodiac sign: Taurus

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Leah Wohlfarth
Project Manager & Digital Implementation Specialist

Specialty: Leah can turn a Pinterest profile into a leading source of web traffic, and Pinterest ads that deliver results.

Successes: Increased web traffic to E-commerce site from Facebook by 185% and Increased Pinterest monthly viewers by 1500%

Zodiac: Scorpio

Chelsea Simdorn
Digital Implementation Specialist

Specialty: Chelsea’s passion is content creation!

Successes: Wrote a targeted, successful chatbot and increased client’s engagement rate on Facebook by 150% in 1 month.

Zodiac: Aries

Destiny Heller
Administrative Director

Specialty: Destiny is blessed with an internal compass for navigating the complexities of the labyrinth which is CRM automations.

Successes: Created an email campaign which generated a 70% engagement rate.

Zodiac: Cancer

Sharon Shaw
Technical Writer

Specialty: Sharon’s speciality is writing about the automotive and engineering communities. She loves to geek out but speaks in plain English too.

Successes: Landing an interview with Ian Briggs, the co-founder Briggs Automotive Company.

Zodiac: Taurus

Matthew Gregory
Web Developer

Specialty: Matthew loves taking technical problems and turning them into simple, elegant solutions.

Successes: Was an integral part of growing an e-commerce business from 1200 orders a day to over 2000 with an annual gross revenue of $46M.

Zodiac: Leo

Dusty Hayes
Multimedia Producer

Specialty: Combining elements of typography, color theory, illustration, motion graphics, and audio design to create engaging video content that both entertains and educates customers.

Successes: Helped dozens of small businesses reach tens of thousands of customers through viral video marketing strategies.

Zodiac: Aquarius

Kim Harris
Graphic Designer

Specialty: Kim has the gift of making dull marketing pieces and graphics into modern day bold and trendy images that grab your attention.

Successes: Creating and converting graphic designs for localization. Branding companies and their marketing materials into multilingual pieces to connect clients and consumers on a worldwide scale.

Zodiac: Gemini

Rachael Afman
Digital Implementation Specialist

Specialty: Rachael specializes in creating the perfect content for every clients’ specific needs!

Successes: Rachael’s biggest success story is a 400% increase in engagement, impressions, and following for a client over the course of a few months using specific messaging and social media content creation!

Zodiac: Capricorn

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