Knowing the Difference and the Advantages of Outsourcing vs In House Marketing

Business owners lose money when they don’t know what they don’t know. Right now, there’s a debate about outsourcing your digital marketing agency versus hiring in house. So, let’s look at both sides of that coin.


Marketing generalists (someone who knows everything about every platform are very hard to come by. The digital marketing space is fragmented between ad platforms, strategy, analytics, workflows, integrations, and on and on that list goes. Outsourced digital marketing agencies hire in each of those expertise areas, essentially, for the same price point as one in house person, you get a small team of smart people working together to move your project forward when you work with an outsourced digital marketing agency.


In house team members are pulled in 100 directions daily. Priorities shift and projects are delayed. Compare that to an outsourced digital marketing team – responsible and contracted – to complete a detailed scope. Things get done well. And, they get done on time.


Historically, in house teams face turnover every 2 to 3 years. Processes are usually poorly documented. So the new team member is essentially starting from scratch, again, and again. It’s a challenge to gain momentum in this scenario. But, on the flipside, outsourced digital marketing agencies build a process for each offering. The process is built and based on industry best practices and is updated as platforms change.

So – What’s the verdict?

Outsourcing for the win!!

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