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Modern Marketing is not a place to cut corners.

When it comes to what you offer your clients, some things are no longer optional. To play in today’s economy, for example, social media is a must. On top of this, it now goes even further into a Modern Communication Strategy–a strategy with a foundation, collaboration and execution on social, through blogging, in email and through digital networking is essential. So, let’s decide: partner or white-label? Either way, you win.

Lack foundation? We will take your base and add some BOOM!

  • You’ll see savings not only in people, but in the processes, systems and software.
  • You don’t have to hire interns and entry level professionals. With North Star HQ, you get a seasoned, professional and results driven team that includes a copywriter, social media coordinator, media buyer, graphic designer, photographer and account manager.
  • Your company will enjoy 10-20% markups on client’s monthly retainer. This is a passive, recurring revenue.
  • We make employee turnover, training and learning curves our problem, not yours.

How We Made It Happen and Continue to Make It Happen

Case studies speak for themselves:

Using Quintly
Share of conversations

Using Quintly

For many businesses, share of conversations is a great way to measure oneself against competitors because it is the percentage of time that a brand shows up in online conversations. Not only does it show how well marketing efforts are going over, but it gives a sense of how well a business is doing in the entire ecosystem of its market. Your share of conversations is your marketing footprint!

Knowing this, we performed a study on one of our clients. Using Quintly, it had been identified that our client previously held 26% of all online conversations in their space. Not bad but the goal was to increase that to more than half of all online conversations to be about their brand. In six months, we reached 51% and have held strong at or above that marker.

Make My Notebook
was spending $0.91

Make My Notebook

Our client, Make My Notebook was spending $0.91 per link click. This would take an interested user from Facebook and they would land on the company’s sales page for the notebook that caught their interest. With this she reached 3,692 and gained 55 people on her site for $50. Not bad, but with big data we’ve transformed her CPC, reach and web traffic. For $50, we decreased CPC from $0.91 to $0.04. As a result, reach increased from 3,692 to 9,999 and traffic went from 55 visitors to 1,355 visitors. Big success!

Direct sales increases


Another client of ours is a product-based company. Within 60 days, our client’s trial download page received 60% more engagement on social, 40% more web traffic in the Product Download page, and direct sales increases as a result of a campaign initiative we started using big data as our secret weapon.

Star Wars
Reached several million

Star Wars

And finally, we took our client’s timely campaign, Star Wars: The Farce Awakens, to Outer Space with its followers.  We tracked and documented that the campaign earned 1,000,000 engagements, reached several million people and landed in Ad Week’s article, The Force is Strong with These Brands.

Not bad, right?

We gain this success by leveraging our task management system, Asana, for onboarding clients and thorough, complete project execution. Without the headache or overhead, you too could partner with North Star HQ and get the increased revenue that comes with our expertise.

Wow, you’ve gotta hear this!

  • I was really impressed with North Star HQ and their quick understanding of our company brand and ability to produce original, clever and meaningful posts every week. They are great at transforming our ideas into social media marketing, emails and blog posts that resonate with our target market. We are now reaching a much bigger audience with a more positive, engaging message. Our return on investment made it well worth hiring North Star. They are easy to work with and flexible in customizing packages to the needs of a small business. North Star has spearheaded our social marketing efforts which allowed us to free up a lot of time in-house to focus on growing our business. Kaitlin and the team have been responsive to our requests and have taken the time to understand our goals and objectives. We are so pleased with their services that we have referred others in our network and all have experienced the same excellent level of satisfaction. Five stars all the way, and well worth the investment.

    Kim Pelett, Owner, City Home
  • What a True New Yorker Thinks About Working With North Star HQ

    It is RARE that I write testimonials. I'm not in the habit of doling out testimonials like candy at a carnival. On top of that, I'm a New Yorker, so I'm not easily impressed at all. But, Katrina and her team are different. They are the real deal -- consummate professionals. I can rely on them to not only get things done, but to understand complex marketing action plans that need to be executed in very specific ways. This is not a skill set you find everywhere. They are just as competent when implementing and managing an intricate Facebook advertising campaign as they are posting updates to Twitter. They are organized and I really KNOW that everything is going to get done -- which leaves me free to focus on other things. I consistently seek Katrina's input on strategy and approaches to social media marketing. What I love most? In the rare instance she doesn't know something, she'll say so -- but will take the time to find out! It doesn't get any better than that.  If YOU don't know what you're doing, that's cool -- Katrina DOES.  I recommend Katrina and her team WITHOUT reservation. If you're on the fence, get off it and give her a call. You will NEVER regret it.

    Lena West, Owner of INFLUENCE EXPANSION

  • North Star HQ is an essential partner in the growth of our agency.


    It seems like every agency is trying to offer social media management these days, from PR Firms to SEOs, Graphic Designers and Web Development shops. We offer it to our clients, but the truth is that it is difficult as an agency to scale social media management. North Star gives us the ability to do what we do best--strategy--and then delegate the day to day implementation to an expert team that immediately gets what we're trying to accomplish. The team is highly communicative and can execute our strategy with precision.

    Jeff Gibbard, Owner of TRUE VOICE MEDIA

  • How does a small business capture the opportunities social media platforms offer to generate sales?

    Ask North Star HQ. Their curated team of marketing professionals takes a fearless approach in transforming social media from a fan based platform to generating a revenue stream via targeted markets using the latest social analytical tools. Engagement is the name of the marketing game. Knowing the rules of marketing is crucial for implementing strategy to generate a return on investment. North Star HQ is a modern communication agency that not only plays by the rules they make the rules as they actively pursue new social markets and platforms for client brand recognition. This agency knows how to hit home runs – consistently, professionally, and expeditiously.

    Jonathon Barbato, Owner of APRICOT GROUP

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Let our team use our skills to take your clients above and beyond.

We tackle the following modern marketing strategies:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • eBooks
  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Memes
  • Sales Pages
  • Webinar Content
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Nurture Campaigns
  • Copywriting
  • Conversion Analytics
  • Blab (Interview and Panel Discussion)
  • Periscope (Expert Content)
  • Snapchat (Reaching Millennials)
  • BeVisible (Recruiting Platform)
  • Campaign Success Tracking
  • Google Conversion Funnels
  • Mobile Quiz and Poll Applications
  • Landing and Sales Pages
  • Identification
  • Program Development
  • Outreach
  • Program Deployment

We would love to work with you to elevate your brand and your clients, brand through proven strategy, results and experience.

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