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Let’s create some authentic thought leadership using anecdotes and advice.

This is where industry experts come to let me know they want to be a guest on my newest podcast, “Tell the Lady What You Want.”

If you’re here it’s because you are:

  • A B2B business owner or marketing manager
  • Running multiple 6-figure+ businesses
  • Ready for significant exposure in your field
  • Encouraged to apply to be a guest on “Tell the Lady What You Want”

Work with me to create an interview that solves problems, inspires, and delivers leads.

Tell the Lady What You Want is more than just a marketing podcast. This show is structured to showcase your strengths and pack as much useful insight into 30-some minutes as possible.

Tales of Whoa –

The bulk of our chat will focus on your personal experiences on topics like…

  • Stories of Self-sabotage
  • Per My Last Email
  • True Crimes of Marketing
  • Lessons Learned & Turning Points

The bulk of our chat will focus on your personal experiences on topics like…

  • Stories of Self-sabotage
  • Per My Last Email
  • True Crimes of Marketing
  • Lessons Learned & Turning Points

Dear Katrina –

We answer viewer questions together

We are going to lead a rallying cry for meaningful and direct communication. That goes for B2B conversations over digital media AND the behind-the-scenes exchanges between clients and their marketing experts.

You’re invited to meet my network

You could get exposure to **tens of thousands** of marketing-minded people between my 15,000+ LinkedIn followers and keyword searches by podcast listeners across all the major platforms. I’ve built this following up over years and I wouldn’t introduce them to just anybody!

Trust me when I say the more trade insight you share, the more people want to work with you. My viewers don’t want fairy-tales. 🙅‍♀️🏰🐉 They want to know how the sausage is made! 🥩⚙️

About your host

Katrina Padron is the Founder and CEO of NorthStar HQ and Not the Marketing Girl. Her agency generated $8M in leads for clients in the past year while she was simultaneously launching Not the Marketing Girl, an intensive sales-support program.

Want to be a guest on “Tell the Lady What You Want” with Katrina Padron?

Tips for a Performance You’ll Be Eager to Show Off

While we review your info, here are some general tips to get podcast-ready.


Don’t have a 🤦 “stairwell moment” after our recording is over. Reflect back on the biggest changes and toughest marketing lessons from your career in the days leading up to our chat. That way, after we wrap up you’re less likely to say, “I should have told her about the time…”

Even experienced guests need prep time to be in the zone and in the right frame of mind. Clear the hour. Tapings take around 45 min of your time with 30 of that being the actual episode recording.

best self


Test your camera and mic well ahead of your time slot. Make sure you are evenly lit and happy with your surroundings in the background.

Go On. Tell the Lady…

In the grand tradition of our beloved talk shows, this show has segments.

Tales of Whoa –
Then I’ll ask about learning experiences that served as significant turning points in your career. These usually fit into our segments: Stories of Self-sabotage, Per My Last Email, True Crimes of Marketing, and Lessons-learned & Turning Points. Don’t succumb to the temptation to re-write history. Being candid about your mistakes and the learning that resulted makes your stories meaningful to the audience. Even better, it showcases your personality to the clients who fit with you.

Dear Katrina –
Towards the end of the show, we really have fun. I bust out some audience write-in questions and we answer them together! It keeps things fresh and gets the audience invested.

Episodes generally go live within a couple of weeks. You don’t have to weigh in on the editing process or write social posts. The TTLWYW production team handles it all. Just put your feet up and wait for mentions in the social posts to share.

When you share the episode of “Tell the Lady What You Want”, you’ll generate some new traffic and gain clout with your existing audience. The episode on its own will boost your authority and generate traffic. 📈



Your experience on this show can be a door-opener for more exposure. Ask for spots on more podcasts, or even start your own! Use your appearance on Tell the Lady What You Want to open up lucrative conversations over social channels and in person.

Leverage the opportunity for passive income that comes with working with me! My agency’s referral program is a win-win.

Introduce me to B2B businesses that need digital marketing services, even if you provide the same service. If they become a client, my agency cuts you a 10% commission check every month they are a client. No caps or cutoff periods.


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