The Mission


In the sparsely populated Lareto Region of Peru, medical access is limited and the current system is chipping away at the trust that the villagers have with their assigned medical post. Each village has a community agent that is elected by the village. The agent is a trusted person in the village, is a farmer or fisherman and uses his own money to pay for boat rides to the medical post when someone is in need.  The boat ride costs about $10; the community agent makes about $2 a day plus loses time from being off work. The boat ride is usually a 5-8 hour ride each way.

Very often, when the community agent and the patient arrive at the post, no one is there. This is a wasted trip.

Our Involvement


Our idea was a robust SMS routing system that would allow for community health promotors to efficiently communicate with medical post professionals, saving lives and resources through uses such as emergency preparedness and remote diagnosis.  The concept works within 2G limits, is flexible and is scalable as cellular and data access improve.