The Problem


In Sub-Saharan Africa girls will miss approximately 6 weeks of school a year because of the lack of access to affordable MHM products.


An Opportunity


With our textile off-cuts, we are able to create an affordable solution for girls living below a $2/day income while reducing waste at the same time.


Our Solution


Not only do we distribute reusable underwear and pads, we train and educate girls about their health, hygiene and sanitation; removing barriers so they can reach their full potential in all facets of their lives.


Get Involved


Together we are able to impact more lives! Girls and women are free to go to school, work or enjoy other activities with the same dignity and freedom as the days when they are not menstruating.


Our Involvement


In 2015 we are raising $500 to sponsor fifty girls for a year.  We are also donating $1,200 to the non-profit to use as needed.