No matter your age, as a founder, entrepreneur, employee in a StartUp or a tech innovation company, you have to admit it is NOT always an easy path from one day to the next.

While the creativity, coding and process development can be exhilarating, many who participate in this rapidly expanding world tend to hide the internal stress and anxiety build up from work expectations. Colorado is a highly collaborative community! Almost everyone will contribute a referral, hands-on assistance, an introduction, mentoring, fund raising / marketing advice.

Yet for most of us we are simply not professionally equipped when mental health or behavioral issues challenge our friends or co-workers. Colorado Entrepreneurs MH Network was founded to help those within our community:

  • source key signs behind irregular behavioral conditions source key signs behind irregular behavioral conditions
  • call and speak to a masters level counselor to learn how best to approach someone showing these signs, or have an informed conversation with other coworkers
  • provide for 24/7 counselor support for anyone needing to text, chat or call and address their emotional state, hopefully regaining a MH balance. (this does not replace ongoing work with a therapist)