My question is this. 🤔

What’s the deal with printing documents still?🖨️

It seems like more and more in the last couple of weeks people have asked me to print something, sign it, and send it back. 🙄

Now I’m a millennial and I’ve had printers in the past, but I don’t currently have a printer, and here’s why. 🙅 ♀️

When I had a printer, I never used it. Literally every time someone would ask me to print something I would inevitably have to get more toner or ink. 🐙

So, when someone asked me to print something I literally drive to my library (yes I pass by there frequently), use their computer, print it on their printer, and pay $.10 per black-and-white copy or $.50 per color, sign it, and then I scan it with the app on my phone and send it back. 🚗

So, what I want to know is, are you still asking people to print?  🤔

Let me know on my LinkedIn page.  ✅