Breakthrough to Establish ROI Metrics


1 hour consultation recorded via Zoom


What’s the ROI of Marketing is everyone’s holy grail and it’s easy to see why. It is important to Breakthrough to Establish ROI Metrics.

Anyone responsible for spending money to generate revenue should have a simple way to know if their activity is generating business. And, they should have a simple way to assess value before making marketing and sales investments.

Yet, most companies have a great big invisible wall between marketing and sales. Moreso, treating marketing and sales separately means putting the focus in the wrong place. Marketing and sales work hand in hand. After all, the marketing and sales departments share a common goal–return on investment. So. let’s discuss how to Breakthrough to Establish ROI.

For many, sales and marketing expenses equal the largest non-product/service related overhead costs, however, executives generally do not understand how to measure the value of these costs, other than by asking “did the revenue grow?”

By the time it’s clear whether or not a marketing/sales expense actually generated revenue, it is generally too late, because the costs are incurred, or what is otherwise known as sunk. In most companies, this lack of quantifiable and predictable results (ROI) occur quarter after quarter and year after year. Unfortunately, this is upsetting to c-level executives familiar with return on investment measures in other areas of the business.

ROI on lead generation activities isn’t something that companies “hope” to get. It’s something that is planned, measured and adjusted based on leading indicators, or indicators of success before the expense is fully incurred and we are going to spend time discussing how that works.

In this hour consultation we’ll discuss how to :

  • Key integration points for marketing and sales
  • Identify ways to streamline marketing and sales processes
  • Overlooked areas that are disconnecting marketing and sales efforts

So, what’s the ROI of Marketing? I’ll show you. Let’s talk.