Sales and Marketing Consultation


60 minute Lunch and Learn


What Works Now: Sales and Marketing Consultation

A number of factors have woken sales teams up to the need for greater collaboration, particularly with marketing, not least the empowered consumer, whose expectations have increased considerably in a world of ultra-convenience brands such as Amazon and Uber. Today we expect excellence, regardless of brand or industry. When our team collaborated with University of Denver Consumer Insights and Business Innovation we learned a lot. For example. We learned that most companies in the tech space don’t have a stable plan in place to address their marketing needs and scale lead generation. So, find out all about it in our one-hour sales and marketing consultation.

Keep Adding Something New. Every time you add something new to your business you create an opportunity to get more sales. Start with a little help from us.

In this one-hour consultation we’ll address:

  • Why smart leaders in tech will get ahead of their industry’s marketing status quo
  • How your business can harness tech to automate the lead generation process
  • How to start intelligent conversations with leads you know are high-quality
  • The nurturing process for those top-notch leads, from awareness to consideration to conversion