The Power of Implementers Training


40 minute Lunch and Learn


Never Underestimate the Power of Implementers and Implementor Training

What is an Implementer? It is someone whose job is to put a plan or system into action. Visionaries create the vision. But, what do we do with that creative vision? Too often, the vision sits on a doc and lives in the cloud. Then, if it does make it into people’s lives it’s usually not implemented in a way that really gives the vision a true chance at succeeding. So, never underestimate the power of implementers. Because implementers bring a vision into reality. The Power of Implementers Training is an excellent option, here’s why:

Implementer training is the first step in making sure your vision is set up for success. In fact, implementer training gives the process to complete the tasks. And Implementer training gives oversight and accountability to complete on time and on budget. Last, implementer training provides documentation prior to team turn over and transition. It’s a no brainer.

In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • The most common areas where marketing campaigns miss the mark on implementation
  • The keys for plugging those holes
  • The easiest way to create an implementation template

Let’s document your implementation process (and make it turn overproof). Your future self will thank you.

Let’s talk.