Build Powerfully Effective Virtual Marketing Teams


1 hour consultation recorded via Zoom


Build a Powerfully Effective Virtual Marketing Team

The business world is seeing a strong shift in how office space exists. Cubicles and traditional offices are phasing out, and virtual office spaces are phasing in. The shift towards telecommuting has been slowly building over the last ten years, and now it is accelerating. More and more businesses are moving towards virtual teams. When you hire an in-house marketing team, you are limiting your scope.  You can only hire employees in your city, who are willing to commute to your office. So, how do you Build a Powerfully Effective Virtual Marketing Team and why should you?

Hiring a virtual marketing team increases your scope dramatically. If you are assembling a remote team, you are not confined to candidates in your city or even your state. You will have access to a far greater number of potential employees, which not only allows you to find better candidates but also cheaper candidates. The larger the pool to choose from, the greater your chance of finding the best option for your team.

First, eliminate the commute. Then, lower operating expenses. Finally, work in your pajamas (well, sometimes). Yeah, we know, sounds like a dream doesn’t it? These days, most businesses want to hire and train a virtual marketing team. But how?  What’s expected in virtual marketing team training? And, how do you Build Effective Virtual Marketing Teams?

We have answers.

From day one, our team has been virtual and the intent is to keep it that way. As you might imagine we’ve tested various options in virtual marketing team training to get to the tried and true best practices that we’ll share with you.

In this hour consultation we’ll discuss:

  • New skills to seek when hiring
  • New habits to form for accountability
  • New tech systems to navigate for scalability

So, thinking about training your virtual marketing team? Let’s talk.