Jelt launched in February 2014, out of a quaint office in downtown Bozeman, Montana. Jelt’s Owner and Inventor, Jen Perry, started Jelt out of pure necessity. As an athletic, busy working mother and business owner, Jen discovered a need for a functional belt to keep her jeans from sagging and her kids from cringing. With her passion for the outdoors and the company’s headquarters located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Jelt evolved from being a comfortable, flat belt to wear with jeans to the perfect belt for hiking, biking, skiing, golfing, traveling and everyday fashion.

Jen made sure Jelt would stand out from any other belt on the market. Not only is it modern-retro, with a nod to 80’s fashion, but it is also made from 100% recycled water bottles, has a patent-pending buckle design that won’t show a bulge under fitted shirts and an inner gel that grips to pants. The fact that there are no metal parts means it is great for traveling and can be worn through security checkpoints. Bonus!

The best part of the Jelt brand is our commitment to giving back—to organizations supporting veterans, children and the environment. We are also making a difference with our Montana manufacturing, which helps incarcerated women gain valuable job skills and build self confidence, prior to release. Our company strives to help people live a productive life.

Jelt is dedicated to making a difference by enhancing lives with responsible and sustainable fashion. We’re never too serious – always ready for a good time and constantly growing through new adventures.

This is from another podcast:

“You’ll Never See My Crack Again!”

Laying on what she thought was her deathbed, Jen Perry decided that if she lived, she was going to do something that would make a BIG difference.

Fortunately, she pulled through and has been sharing her talents and enthusiasm for Social Entrepreneurship ever since. If you’re unfamiliar with this term as most of us were, it’s about creating a business that has a positive impact on social, cultural or environmental issues. In Jen’s case, she’s built a company that affects all three.

But her path is unconventional; out of necessity, Jen created the hip/eco/travel friendly Jelt Belt to keep that dreaded “Plumber’s Crack” from peering out of her skinny jeans. As she explains, part of the “necessity” was inspired by having two sons–the last thing they wanted to see, or she wanted to share, was their mom’s crack. From there, her story gets juicier because in addition to being an entrepreneur, Jen is a visionary.

Tune in to hear how and why she moved manufacturing from China to a women’s state prison even though production cost is higher, how contributing to humanity and the ecosystem has always been her number one priority, and how collaboration is a key to her success.

If any of these topics are top-of-mind, this podcast episode will inspire you to get creative and make it happen. “Baby steps to the bus, Bob,” as Jen Perry would say.

Thriving companies, run by women, who give-back and do-good are becoming more prevalent in the world today. Check out this podcast to get inspired.


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