Hypnotic Design with Paulo Sellitti

Founder and Executive Creative Director of Hypnotic Design, a boutique 360° disruptive marketing company, Paulo Sellitti is a creative Bruce Lee. Because he is fluid in Advertising, Entertainment, Digital, and Social Media, he’s like water. Meaning, able to fill a marketing need across many channels. Now, let’s take a look.

Further, he is highly experienced with campaigns for theatrical movies, TV shows, Netflix Originals. In addition, he worked on world-renowned brands like Visa, Honda Motorcycles, Google, Xbox, Axe, eBay, LG, EA.  And he inspired by the legend of Bruce Lee, Paulo is driven to be a legend of his own in disruptive marketing. Besides, he’s also created a strategic platform purpose-built for disruption called Jeet Kune Grow. It is the way of intercepting growth. Lastly, he puts it to work for clients looking to command a presence in a category.

Paulo regularly judges award shows, teaches classes in advertising. He is a member of the LA Social Media Club, Type Thursday LA, and We Are LA Tech community.

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