Watch episode 4 with Luz Gonzalez who is the CEO and co-founder of Konviv, the Friendly Money Coach App. She’s here to talk about some amazing growth topics!

Konviv allows people to make better financial decisions with the money that’s currently in their bank account. Luz and her co-founder started Konviv because of their lived experiences — having lived paycheck-to-paycheck, overdrafted, lived in financial fear and anxiety and seen the pain that fear and anxiety caused in the lives of their loved ones. They knew financial services could, and MUST, do better for the everyday hard-working American.

Luz was born in Mexico, and is proud of her Latino roots, reads obsessively, is an ultra-runner, and is proud of her hustler ways. Luz has a B.A. and J.D. from UC Berkeley, served for Teach America, and believes that tech is the medium by which we will drive social impact forward. Luz loves hard challenges, her latest feat being completing her first 50-miler.

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