Why Track Your Social Media Efforts?

Well, it seems like a lot of work for no reason if it isn’t actually growing the business. Plus, you may be paying an employee to spend a few hours each week researching content and if those efforts aren’t rewarding your business, then something must change in your game plan. Tracking your social media is the integral foundation to learning whether your campaign is affecting your Return on Investment (“ROI”) in a positive way, or whether you are losing money and need to change course. You won’t know anything about your social media efforts if you can’t see what’s happening behind the scenes. If you haven’t yet, immediately set up your website’s Google Analytics so that you may begin tracking. In the meantime, some platforms have embedded insights reports that you can start to analyze immediately.

Use Best Practices When it Comes to Selling on Social Media

One way you can create sales from social media is to leveraging little known tools such as look-a-like audiences which are customized segments of your likely fans that are similar to customers your care about,. You can also use nearby ads and targeting to reach your specific target audience. Making custom lists is another great way to transfer social media into sales by targeting your content to just the right people. Finally, the latest research shows that video content is the most widely used medium when it comes to sales conversion via social media channels. Invest some time and finances into some quality video content and you could see results faster than any other methods.

The Newest Tech Tools Can Help You Track Your Efforts

The best technology in social media campaign and sales conversion tracking are a trifecta of analytics resources: LiftMetrix, Google Analytics and Facebook Ad Panel. LifeMatrix has the most intuitive insights right now when it comes to trend and opportunity identification.Sales are measured using the Google Analytics sales funnel and the Facebook Ad Panel tells you all about your audience including detailed demographics allowing you to best manage your campaigns.

Final Sales Tips for Professionals

Sales professionals and business owners can also use social media in a more personal way by creating a “keep in touch” formula to stay on top of mind during long buying cycles. Whatever system you decide, make sure to reach out and say hello to your colleagues, participate in a group discussion or post something your connections will enjoy. It’s a great way to stay visible for that exact moment when a prospect needs you.

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