The impact social media has made in today’s world just cannot be overlooked when it comes to marketing. But an argument can be made that the best approach is not merely using social media to get your message out, but rather by using their collected data to your advantage. This is why API level data and control is so relevant.

Precision Ad Targeting

The most effective marketing campaigns know their customer, and use available demographics to pinpoint how, when, and where to market to this group. Social media has taken that capability to a new level, with specific customer information previously impossible to obtain on a broad scale.

Social media knows your customers. They know their age, when they are active, their likes, and in many cases even what they like to talk about. With access to social media APIs, you won’t be missing the essential active times of the day for every potential customer that you are marketing towards, and you will hit the age and interest demographics.

Data-Based Audience for Cleaner Marketing Focus

Developers can now link their CRMS to social media APIs, creating a pure data-based audience. By creating a new view of your potential customers, it is possible to re-target existing customers with new products or discover potential new customers.

With this kind of precision targeting, your customer base becomes an ideal market for each product or service that you can deliver. Each customer suddenly takes on different and exacting roles for your marketing efforts.

Active Feedback Controlled Marketing Efforts

Many social media APIs now let you create rule-based marketing. This allows your marketing plan to automatically respond to changes throughout the day. You can refocus based on effort, essential demographics availability, and more.

Through intelligent rules, triggers, and other feedback mechanisms, your smart customer acquisition efforts can morph and reshape itself throughout the day to remain optimized without the need for further effort on your part. Which is good, because otherwise, it may be hard to keep up.

Today’s market can be enhanced by the use of social media. But the real prize is in using the API level data and capabilities the major companies are now offering.

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