Now that we know chatbots are making their presence, what does that mean for businesses? This past April Facebook included the public in on the plan to bring chatbots to the Messenger platform. However, this is bigger than just Facebook, because the idea of an attentive, ready-to-help, 24/7 chatbot intrigues all consumers.

The realization that customers no longer have to deal with an employee who answers phones all day in a call center and sounds miserable is worth extending more time to companies who offer chatbots as a means of customer service. Not only is this beneficial to the consumers, but it also means businesses saving money in comparison to employee salaries.

Since it’s just the beginning of bringing chatbots to the rescue, this serves companies as the perfect time to begin learning the what-to-do’s and what-not-to-do’s. This shift in customer service is at its start, which means the platforms already instilling chatbots are going to make the trial and error mistakes allowing businesses to learn from the negatives before producing their own chatbots. Taking notes now is the key to becoming the number one ranked company.

If you have your pen and notepad ready, then begin your inspiration by checking out HealthTap, Spring, EstherBot, Surveybot, and HealthTap is the more accessible step in healthcare, allowing its users to get quicker responses from real doctors in regards to their medical questions and concerns. Spring is the new personalized shopper as they answer questions to define their product interests, and then the chat bot provides users with smart recommendations. EstherBot introduces the new and improved style of resumes as a marketer proved chat bots to be an incredibly creative way to promote herself. Surverybot brings a low-pressure environment for getting feedback from customers to the table, and offers a faster and easier way of purchasing and getting customer support.

As each of these companies have paired up with the Facebook Messenger platform, their chatbots are even more user-friendly and available.

The technology provided by these chatbots are the beginning of how businesses can benefit. With the expanded reach of customers, easy-to-use setup, and convenience, they will enhance customer satisfaction across the board. As a business, it’s crucial to keep up with the technology and social media presence, and chatbots are proving to be the next step in that direction.