Is it just me or have you also noticed that it seems like every company out there has the HR lady, they have the IT guy, and they have the marketing girl, or maybe their social media person? 🧍

Why can’t we ever call these people by their names or why can’t we call them by their actual job titles?

Here’s the deal. 👈

When I started the training arm of my business, I called it Not The Marketing Girl, and that was very very intentional. 💡

I wanted to start to show the difference between what business leaders think the marketing girl is and what their actual capabilities are. 💪

The marketing girl down the hall is generally very well-intentioned, working really hard, and overall trying to do her best job with really limited resources and ever-changing goals. 🗒️

The problem is that this person tends to be really junior. 👶

Not their fault! 🙅 ♀️

They just don’t have the business acumen that’s needed to reach the goal. 📈

That’s where Not The Marketing Girl comes in. Learn more at 🔥

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