Clients change their minds a lot. 🤯

But the question is, do you know how to handle it when clients change their minds, and no, I don’t mean you saying, “Yes, I would be happy to make the 15th round of edits for no pay; that’d be awesome!” 🙅 ♀️

Here’s the deal. 🎤

Even with all the preparation, like graphic design creative briefs and doing a strategy session, many times, clients just don’t know what they want. 😕

The thing they say most often is, “I’ll know it when I see it.” 😆

But here’s what you can say if you are going over the scope. 👈

“Yes. I would love to make those edits for you. The strategy and direction have really been refined and have come a long way. Right now, we’re scoped for just two rounds of revisions, and I’ve already done that, so any future rounds of revisions are just billed at my hourly rate of XX. Are we good to move forward?” 🌟

And that’s it! Then, you can actually get paid for your work! 🌟🌟🌟

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